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2 Incredibily Effective Self-Defense Tactics

concealed carry holsters

Advancements in technology mean securing our homes and businesses is easier than ever. For example, high-definition cameras can be installed anywhere on our property and linked to our smartphones for 24/7 monitoring. However, what happens in the unfortunate event that you suddenly find yourself a victim of a home invasion, carjacking, active shooter situation, or random assault? What you do next could mean the difference between life or death. While no two crimes occur precisely the same way and there’s no guarantee of the outcome, there are specific self-defense techniques that can dramatically improve your odds of a better result. Read on to learn about two incredibly effective self-defense tactics that could save your life. 

Carry and Know How to Use a Properly Permitted Firearm 

Owning a gun will give you an enormous advantage and sense of security, but only if you understand ownership’s inherent risks and rewards. It’s crucial to buy a firearm that you can handle and properly use. Many gun ranges offer various beginner to advanced classes on gun safety and training. Obtaining a concealed carry license means you can legally take your firearm with you when you’re on the go and provides the added layer of security needed when away from home. In addition, there are a wide variety of concealed carry holsters for women that are both stylish and comfortable.  

Learn About Elbow Strikes

Elbow strikes are practical self-defense and a popular martial arts technique. For one such tactic, hold your bent arm or arms at shoulder level with fist(s) touching the chest, then quickly snap both elbows forward with a fast and furious punch toward the perpetrator. 

There are many other highly effective self-defense strategies, including learning a martial art, always appearing confident when in public, and not allowing yourself to become distracted by your phone.