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Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive Without Spending A Bomb

Not everyone can afford a swanky room with luxe fittings and expensive furniture. But that shouldn’t stop you from making your room look the best that it can or enjoying a cozy and comfortable bedroom at the end of your day. With a few hacks here and there, you can make your bedroom look more expensive without spending too much money on its makeover. Keep reading to find expert tips on making your home more refined.

Switch up your fixtures

Your choice of hardware will have a subtle but significant impact on the overall appearance of the space as well as how well it is put together. It is possible to give the idea that a space is much finer than it actually is by selecting fixtures such as lighting, fans, doorknobs, and handles that are polished and more aesthetically appealing while yet maintaining a more affordable pricing point.

Choose good quality upholstery

One of the main focuses of every bedroom is the upholstery used. The type of bedsheets, pillows and other textures in our bedroom all come together to make it look and feel more cozy. A good way to make your room look better without spending much is to buy upholstery in neutral tones, of different textures and choosing inexpensive but plush looking pillows.

Increase the length of your room

It is a well known fact that tall rooms look extremely luxe. The more the length, the better your room will look and feel. Using floor length door curtains is an inexpensive way to give the illusion that your room is longer than it actually is. To take this a notch higher, use double curtains of different textures, one sheer and one solid, to make your room look more like a hotel.

Curate your nightstand

Your nightstand is one of the few things that is used daily but don’t let that become an excuse for clutter to pile up on it. On a regular basis, you should empty and declutter your drawers and remove things like hand creams and old books off the table. Make an effort to decorate your nightstand if you want your room to feel more fancy. Choose a nice light and a plant to put on the table or go ahead and place some art behind your nightstand for an elevated look.

Upgrade your mirror

If you’re still using the boring mirror you got in college, it’s time to get a new one. Try a brass mirror that looks old or anything curved that will make your room look bigger. You can pick up a variant with a shelf, which gives you some vertical storage space as well. It’s highly likely that your mirror can be pricey so a good way to avoid spending that much on it is to pick a good quality second hand mirror online or at a flea market. Choose one that is floor length and can be painted for a fresh look in order to make the most of it.

Having a cool bedroom should not be a luxury and you can use these hacks to upgrade your room bit by bit to make it look more luxe and high end.