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Teeth Stains Or Discoloration, Causes And Home Treatment Or Remedies

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Having a sweet smile would have been great if other people can also see a healthy white tooth. But you start talking, what makes the scenario awkward is not only because of the teeth stains but also your mouth may smell unpleasant as well. I bet this is a heart-breaking experience for some individuals who had been in this dental and oral condition. Of course, you can’t be like this forever – click here so you should know why there is a brownish and yellowish color on your teeth. Finding the cause of discoloration must be discussed with your dentist so they can advise you on what to do.

Indeed, some of you may find it awkward to consult a dental expert and talk about your condition, so will you just let yourself suffer from embarrassment every time you noticed that someone is annoyingly looking at your mouth? I guess you have no choice but to find ways on how to remove those stains on your teeth and one way is to visit a dentist because he surely has a solution to this. You are not the first person to reach out to dentists since your situation is commonly experienced.


However, if you prefer to try home remedies, then you will have to learn the right application because some of these may cause you another problem when used wrongly. Therefore, I suggest you read the instructions carefully and feel free to ask for help when needed because we are not supervised at home. We should also consider knowing the causes of the tooth stain so that we can focus on treatments or home remedies that will work best on your condition and not waste time or effort on the processes that are not meant for you.



This is a type of discoloration where the stains are usually found on your tooth’s surface or the enamel, which is a very important part. This happens after eating or drinking foods and drinks with pigmented particles or residues that take over the enamel. Our teeth’s surface is covered with protein films and its natural whiteness can be changed into yellow, brown, or dark when not properly cared for.

The cause of this is usually due to tobacco smoking and I believe that a lot of people have not yet stopped this habit so they should do something because if they can’t quit, then their hope for a whiter tooth is impossible to achieve. The more they smoke, the more they encourage stains to stick and when not treated, it would be difficult to remove. They will see the result of the tobacco as they grow older and they won’t be happy with this.

Another cause of this type of discoloration is the habitual drinking of coffee and I know well that there are individuals who can manage to drink more than 3 cups a day. If possible, you should lessen the consumption and the same thing is true for soft drinks, wine, and tea. I suggest you brush your teeth using whitening toothpaste and a regular visit to your dentist for dental cleaning so that you can minimize tooth stains.



With this type, discoloration is found below the enamel. It happens due to the particles or residues that affected the exterior part of the teeth. This will then accumulate on the external of the enamel.

It was also found that the other cause of this is over-exposure to fluoride which means that you overused a paste or formula with this content, and this always happens to children so parents or adults must monitor this. Visit for more information on fluoride.

To solve this issue, you may consult a dental specialist because he can perform treatments like bleaching. Aside from that, you may also try working on it at home by using whitening products or Whitestrips that are highly recommended by an expert.


Generally, this happens because as a person grows older, the dentin and the core tissues will naturally turn yellow and this is often visible. Let’s say that the enamel or surface has an outer covering, but this will become thinner as we age and this makes the dentin visible, too.

Some stains that are related to one’s age is usually a combination of intrinsic as well as extrinsic types of discoloration. This means that this is also due to tobacco smoking because there are individuals who are still smoking even when at a later age since they were not able to remove the habit, so this routine has added to the problem. Of course, other causes are because of beverages and foods we take every day.

Though this can be minimized through proper dental care so we should not forget to have a dental check-up and make it as regular as possible. Keep in mind that it is fine to drink coffee and eat foods that we like but we have to limit our intake when we know that this may lead to discoloration. It would be great to quit smoking because it greatly contributes to the problem and knowing that this also affects our overall health.


Dental Care Tips

So, to avoid or minimize the consumption of any food or beverages that cause tooth stains would be a great solution as well as visit a dentist for a cleaning service, and to brush teeth properly would be very helpful. You may also try making a paste by mixing water and baking soda to help in whitening the teeth and rinse with mouthwash to wash away particles or residues in between teeth or gums, causing discoloration. I supposed caring must be a part of your daily routine and must be done after meals to prevent the issue.

When situations concern your dental and oral care, don’t hesitate to visit the nearest clinic or hospital because this is sometimes a sign that there is something wrong with your body, especially when it is not just about the color but producing an unpleasant smell, too. We should always be mindful of the changes that we can notice, especially with the mouth because these are always visible when we are talking to other people. Let’s learn to be more caring when it comes to oral hygiene so that we can have a better relationship with our family, friends, and colleagues.