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A funeral is a somber occasion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress appropriately. In fact, dressing for a funeral can help make you feel more comfortable about being there and allow you to focus on the people who might need support.

Dark, conservative clothing is suitable for funerals

Dark colors are more appropriate than brights and white. Traditionally, people wear black to funerals because it’s a somber occasion. Black is also the most common color worn to funerals because it’s a universal symbol of mourning and respect for the deceased.

The funeral is about honoring someone who has died, so you should dress respectfully with this in mind—no bright colors or outlandish patterns. You don’t have to be totally plain but choosing clothing that matches your normal style can be helpful if you’re feeling unsure about what clothes would be best for a funeral service. If you’re going primarily out of respect for the family members who are hosting or attending this event, then it’s okay if your outfit isn’t exactly up your alley!

Clothing should be made of natural fibers

Clothing should be made of natural fibers. Natural fabrics are more comfortable and durable, so you will feel great while wearing them. They are also easier to clean and better for the environment.

Clothing shouldn’t be too casual

Clothing shouldn’t be too casual. While you may want to appropriate clothing for a funeral, make sure it’s still appropriate for the occasion. Jeans, sneakers or flip flops are not acceptable. T-shirts, tank tops and shorts are also frowned upon unless they’re of a higher quality fabric and cut that make them look more like dress shirts than casual wear. Sweatshirts or sweatpants should never be worn unless they’re made from quality fabrics like wool or tweed—and even then, it depends on the style of the sweatshirt (a hoodie is probably better left at home). Hats should always be removed indoors when entering a building where there is likely to be a funeral service in progress; caps are acceptable so long as they don’t have writing on them that might offend mourners’ sensibilities (e.g., “Make America Great Again”). Beachwear, swimwear and athletic clothes are also not appropriate for most funerals unless there is an outdoor ceremony before or after the main event—but even then, such clothing must be worn respectfully!

Hats are optional, but they do add a touch of solemnity to the occasion

Hats are optional, but they do add a touch of solemnity to the occasion. Hats should be dark, conservative and not too casual. Men and women are equally welcome to wear hats at a funeral. Hats should be removed when entering the church or funeral home.

Men’s suits, jackets, slacks and ties are appropriate attire

Men’s suits, jackets, slacks and ties are appropriate attire.

Women should wear a dark skirt or dress with the blouse or sweater of their choice. Men should wear black shoes and socks; women should wear black heels or flats.

Women should wear dresses or skirts with blouses or lightweight sweaters

Women should dress in a style that is dark and conservative. It’s best if the clothing is not too casual, as well. To ensure your attire is suitable for this type of event, avoid wearing short skirts or sleeveless tops.

If you want to wear a skirt or dress, keep it below the knees and make sure it has sleeves if they’re appropriate for the type of outfit (for example: a long-sleeve top with a knee-length skirt).

Funerals can be difficult occasions to attend but dressing properly makes it easier

The following are tips for clothing to wear to a funeral, whether you’re the one who has died or you’re attending the funeral of someone else.

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Show respect by dressing in a way that shows you care and are part of the community.

Don’t be afraid to show emotion at a time like this; it’s okay to cry! If anyone makes fun of your outfit, don’t let it bother you—you’re just doing what’s right for yourself and others around you!